the Hick's Lake EP

by the Fire Organ

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The Fire Organ is:
Alex Minneker
Brendan Silk
Charlie John Walentiny


released November 15, 2013

Mixing and Engineering: Thomas Fritchman
Mastering: Alex Minneker

All songs by Alex Minneker and the Fire Organ except:
Come to Me by Akio Chavi Forsyth
and Hick's Lake by Alex Minneker and Akio Chavi Forsyth (arr. the Fire Organ)



all rights reserved


the Fire Organ Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: So Glad
So glad to be here, said the wall to the floor
as I'm sealing my secrets, beneath the wooden floorboards
Returning my regrets, to the second-hand store
so I can clear out and make room for more

So glad to be here, said the Jack to the Queen
She's got a royal flush from, doin' something obscene
So glad to be here, to be a part of your scene
we're all packed in like sardines

Nowhere to go
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to go...
but down

So glad to be here, said the dog to his leash
he'd bite of your ankles, but they're just out of reach
so you can train, but can you teach
an ol' dog how to love a new master...?

Nowhere to go
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to go...
but down
Track Name: Folly
You don't see your folly
when you're in your skin
your thoughts become actions
but where do they begin?
Yeah where do they begin
and where does it end, oh?

You're caught on a track
you can't go back
you can see how far you've come
but you can't go home
you can't ever go home
no never again, oh

You're doing your best
your very very best
whether you're damned
or whether your blessed
you're doing your best

You killed the cares
'fore the cares killed you
they fell down the stairs
it's been long overdue
now what do I do
for to show you I'm true, oh?

Cause I'm doing my best
my very, very best
whether I fail
or pass the test
I'm doing my best

Consider to the table what you bring
there's no perfect offering
there's only....

Track Name: Hick's Lake
I will stare down my accuser
and state my acts were justified
I will stare down my accuser
and state the axe was justified
there is plenty enough good reason
that bad man should've died

I was stuck, and I knew that I was
I was down on Roxbury Avenue, taking cheap dirty drugs
well he said he got my girl
locked up in a motel room
and if I didn't pay up
it would be me too soon

Judge I know you got your motives
ya got your witnesses
but the only thing that ain't guilty is my conscious

Well, I took all that I could take
and now his body's at the bottom
of old Hick's Lake!


Well, I tied him up real tight
so he hardly breathe
I heard him whisperin' this
as I was fixin' to leave
it's all your fault
you're the one to blame

Said, "Is it really my fault,
if I'm losin' at a losing game?"

Well, I took all that i could take
and now his body's at the bottom
of old Hick's Lake